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Diversity and multiculturalism course list

We encourage Nipissing University students to incorporate diversity and multiculturalism as components of their education. These classes, taken as electives or as part of a degree program, provide opportunities to learn about different cultures, life experiences, and perspectives that may differ from one's own. These courses will assist in leaving graduates with the understanding and awareness to thrive in diverse work environments. All courses listed below can be searched for and registered at

History Courses

HIST-2447 Indigenous Treaties in Canada

HIST-3116 Topic: Africa Before Colonization

HIST-3117 Topic: Africa Colonization to Independence

HIST-3136 Topic: Feminism in Canadian History

HIST-3705 The Holocaust

HIST-3946 History of Sport in Canada

Philosophy Courses

PHIL-1117 Values and the Human Condition

PHIL-2507 Bullshit, Bias, and Propaganda

PHIL-2717 Environmental Ethics

PHIL-3706 Eastern Philosophy

Anthropology Courses

ANTH-1006 Introduction to Anthropology

ANTH-2026 Archaeology I

ANTH-2027 Archaeology II

ANTH-2056 The Anthropocene

ANTH-3026 Medical Anthropology

ANTH-3027 Indigenous Peoples & The State

Gender Equality & Social Justice Courses

GEND-1006 Gender, Power & Justice

GEND-1007 Topic: Sex Ed

GEND-1007 Topic: Colonization

GEND-2147 Bodies, Borders, and Belonging

GEND-2166 Women, Media & Representation

GEND-2187 International Human Rights

GEND-2217 Gender & The Media: Themes & C

GEND-2526 Prisons, Race, and Gender

GEND-2246 Transformative Justice

GEND-2516 Violence, Race and Law

GEND-3066 Invasion & Residence

GEND-3106 Race and Gender in Pop Culture

GEND-3127 Gender, Globalization & Human

Indigenous Studies Courses

INDG-1006 Maadjitang - In the Beginning

INDG-1306 Anishinaabemowin Ojibwe I

INDG-1307 Ojibwe 2

INDG-2006 Indigenous Places - Changing Landscapes

INDG-2007 Land-as-Home and Indigenous Well-Being

INDG 2106 Oral and Literary Storywork

INDG-2206 Indigenous Screen Cultures

INDG-2906 Indig. Philosophy-Inaadiziwin

INDG-2907 Indig. Philosophy-Bimaadsiwin

INDG-3106 Indigenous Health & Wellbeing

INDG-3407 Social Dev't: First Nations

INDG-3416 The News and the First Peoples

INDG-3567 Ethanobotan

INDG-4106 Indigenous Resistance and Mobility

INDG-4606 Indigenous Mobilization

Child & Family Studies Courses

CHFS-2206 Child, Fam., & Soc. Justice

CHFS-3036 Ethics

CHFS-3037 Race and Racism

CHFS-3105 Child Wel: Crit. Reflections

CHFS-3116 Autism Spectrum Disorders

CHFS-3127 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Dis.

CHFS-3136 ABS I: Intro to App Beh Sci

CHFS-3137 ABS II: Adv Topics App Beh Sci

CHFS-4106 Assessment & Intervention Plan

CHFS-4306 Topic: Power of Play

Social Welfare Courses

SWLF-1006 Introduction to Social Welfare

SWLF-2006 Ideology and Social Welfare

SWLF-2007 Povert and Policy in Canada

SWLF-2995 Community Service Learning

SWLF-3066 Social and Economic Justice

SWLF-3166 Housing & Homelessness

SWLF-3407 Social Dev't in First Nations

SWLF-3426 Race, Ethnicity & Social Welfare

SWLF-3806 Family Violence

SWLF-3826 Addictions

SWLF-4077 Honours Seminar

Psychology Courses

PSYC-2807 Intro to Social Psychology

PSYC-3036 Ethics

PSYC-3117 Autism Spectrum Disorders

PSYC-3127 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Dis.

PSYC-3136 ABA I: Introduction to ABA

PSYC-3137 ABA II: Advanced Topics in ABA

PSYC-3326 Hormones and Social Behaviour

PSYC-3807 Applied Social Psychology

PSYC-4106 Assessment & Intervention Plan

PSYC-4306 Power of Play

English Courses

ENGL-1026 Monsters, Madness, Malice

ENGL-1036 Sport Stories

ENGL-2011 Stories: Snapshots of Life

ENGL-2116 Texts and Intertexts

ENGL-2257 Hyphenated-Canadians

ENGL-3146 Postcolonial Literature

ENGL-3217 Lit., Culture & Sex

ENGL-3276 Indigenous Lit. in North America

ENGL-4506 HS. Adv. Stud. Early Lit.

ENGL-4516 HS: Adv. STud. 19th Cent. Lit.

Religion & Culture Courses

RLCT-2016 Rituals, Ceremonies & Celebrations

RLCT-2017 Death & Immortality

RLCT-2066 Death, Dying and Spirituality

Political Science Courses

POLI-1007 Globalization & Citizenship

POLI-2707 Canada and the World

POLI-3206 Conflict and Unity

Geography Courses

GEOG-1016 People, Place and Environment

GEOG-2131 Cultural Geography

GEOG-3406 A Geography of Canada

GEOG-3436 Earth Resources

Social Work Courses

SWRK-3406 Indigenous Perspectives

SWRK-4306 Indigenous Wellness

Sociology Courses

SOCI-1016 Introduction to Sociology

SOCI-3186 Health and the Family

SOCI-3956 Topic: Rural People, Places, & Problems

SOCI-4016 Social Processes & Structure

Fine Arts/Visual Arts Courses

FAVA-1206 Art History I

FAVA-1207 Art History II

FAVA-3006 Renaissance Art

FAVA-3046 Art and Critical Theories

FAVA-4066 Curation and Museology

FAVA-4067 AHVS Special Topics

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